The loyalty programme was launched in 2005 to bridge the gap between the Darling company and the end users (Salonists). Since then the number of entrants / participants has been increased from 50 salons in 2005 to more than 7,000 salons by the end of 2013. The whole concept here is to cater for their needs in relation to the Darling brand and appreciating them for the endless support towards the company which has enabled us to be in a strategic position as far as hair additions is concerned. This programme is operating within all African countries where the Darling companies operate.


Since salonists are the final end users, this programme was majorly designed for them to critically evaluate / analyze.

  1. Quality.
  2. Texture.
  3. Weight.
  4. Packaging & all other technical related areas.

For any relating product used, that is, hair additions and cosmetics you consider the following;

  1. For hair additions, tear off the area which indicates product name & color for each and every item used on a daily basis.
  2. For Darling cosmetics, on each tin or container there is a label remove the sticker and keep it.

We have a team of marketers across the entire country who always come to your area to evaluate how much you have used, this is done every month depending on their work projections. All the labels and stickers collected will be evaluated and recorded on the fidelity card. Darling personnel are required to sign into your card every single time they appear at your salon.


To cater for all our clients from different parts of Uganda with different business capacities, rewarding has been categorized into levels where by; Levels one and two are for beginners. Level three is for medium performing salonists. Level four and five are excellently performing salons. At the same time prizes given at each level differ from another because also the physical requirements are different at each level. But at all levels we consider 4-5.5% of the total collection of the year. However each level has got its monitory value to be collected i.e. as per end of 2013 and these are always revised depending on the market forces.

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